Darrell Stewart

Associate & Educational Consultant

Darrell Stewart has been a teacher, team leader, supervisor, department head, associate principal, principal, parent council president, and school board committee member. His credentials include an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Recreation, Manitoba Educational Teaching Certification (all grade levels), and Post Baccalaureates in Administration, Special Education, and Resources from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Darrell has been associated with nine schools spanning thirty-six years. He has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with over fifty school leaders, including the team overseeing the school which was nationally ranked as the top comprehensive high school in Canada.

Darrell has enhanced his Canadian educational knowledge with administrative leadership roles in China since 2009, including the principalship of a leading international school in Guangzhou. His Chinese experiences have included working within varying school structures and licenses. These educational settings ranged from those for foreign passport holders to those for Chinese nationals.

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