Education Partners

The success between iQe and its school projects is a result of
its commitment to excellence at all levels.

iQe pursues its growth in education management by:
  • building and managing projects targeted at areas exhibiting the strongest, long term growth characteristics;
  • maintaining consistently high quality education through the careful hiring of key personnel and the development of in-house teams; and
  • evaluating the quality and performance of our teaching and management systems on a regular basis.
Fast growing economies have generated a demand by global managers and business people who seek world class, international education for their families.

English is a permanent and expanding requirement of the global community and in commerce so schools and tutorial centres are playing an ever-increasing role in helping children and young adults meet their goals.
International Quality Education's growth and development principles are based on the belief that maximizing long term values and success can only be achieved through a thoughtful and careful balance of financial goals, teaching quality and dedication to delivering the best experience for every student.

Our school projects include property owners and developers, government institutions and individuals with commitments to the best in learning. iQe continues to work closely with each of these parties to decide on education models, build facilities and establish programs.

iQe's competitive advantage comes from its on-the-ground ability to build and operate teaching facilities. This involves extensive experience and skills covering all aspects of facilities design, concept planning, tendering and contract negotiations, construction contract management and quality control.

iQe also acts as a consultant for schools and institutions who seek advice on developing education facilities and curricula around Asia and in North America.

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