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iQe plans, establishes and manages high quality international schools and learning centres in China and other Asian countries. Both of these operations teach students primarily based on Canadian curricula, which is highly regarded around the world.

The quality of Canadian education is evidenced by its top PISA scores as a world education rating and by the broad acceptance of its graduates by leading global universities.

The International Quality Education Associates understand how to comply with local laws and regulations needed to open and run international schools and learning centres.

Its Directors and Associates understand that the iQe corporate objectives can only be achieved through dedication to providing students with an enriched education that adds value by empowering their lives.

By engaging everyone involved in the education process, iQe believes it can build unique, enduring learning communities. We also believe that our approach to education is the best way in preparing students for the global challenges and opportunities in the 21st century.

IQE is unique because its schools and services embody Canadian cultural values. Canada possesses distinct principals and values that are recognized worldwide. They include politeness, freedom, respect for cultural differences and a commitment to social justice. Canadians are proud of world recognition for fairness and contributions to peace-keeping around the world. Social values in Canada embrace equality in respecting rights and cultural differences at home and overseas.

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